On 01/12/2010 02:33 PM, Larry H. wrote:
> When I use the text tool, the output is noticeably pixelated.  How can I
> prevent that?
> I am learning to use GIMP 2.6 on a Windows XP professional machine, a Dell.

It'd be helpful if you could post the file online somewhere and send us a 
link, so we can see it.  But as a guess: have you checked the "Antialiasing" 
checkbox, in the Text toolbox/palette?  And, is your zoom level (on the 
image's "View" menu) set to ~100%?  If you're zoomed way in it may look 
pixelated, even though at the actual size (100%) it really is smooth.  Also, 
if the image mode (on the image's "Image" menu) is set to something other than 
RGB, changing it to RGB may help.

If none of that helps, post the file online, and/or give us some more details.

Anthony DiSante

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