Am Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2010 10:08:44 schrieb Peter S.:
> >Tried to install
> >elsamuko-national-geographic-batch.scm
> >"Open" in GIMP wasn?t the right way. Does anyone know how or do I need to
> >wait until the plugin is updated?
> >
> >Must add I?m using MacOS 10.6.2

In case of a script-fu, you can virtually place it anywhere you like and add 
the path to the script in the settings dialog for scripts.

Or you use your favourite file manager and move the file into the script 
directory of the gimp installation or the script directory that already is in 
your home directory.

Whenever you start Gimp, the and script directories are scanned for 
new or changed plug-ins or scripts that are to be registered. So after you 
have copied the script to the correct location and started Gimp, you will be 
able to use it.



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