>On 01/12/2010 02:33 PM, Larry H. wrote:
>> When I use the text tool, the output is noticeably pixelated.  How can I
>> prevent that?
>> I am learning to use GIMP 2.6 on a Windows XP professional machine, a
>It'd be helpful if you could post the file online somewhere and send us a 
>link, so we can see it.  But as a guess: have you checked the "Antialiasing"

>checkbox, in the Text toolbox/palette?  And, is your zoom level (on the 
>image's "View" menu) set to ~100%?  If you're zoomed way in it may look 
>pixelated, even though at the actual size (100%) it really is smooth.  Also,

>if the image mode (on the image's "Image" menu) is set to something other
>RGB, changing it to RGB may help.
>If none of that helps, post the file online, and/or give us some more

-- Thanks for your quick response!  I checked on the things you mentioned:
1) Antialiasing is checked.  What is
 "Force auto-hinter"?
2) Zoom level is set to 100%  And the pixilation shows up in prints as well. 
I export to JPEG and print, because when I try to print from GIMP it just
gives me a tiny thumbnail.
3) The image mode is set to RGB.
4) Do you have a suggestion what URL I could post this online.  I'll do that
very happily to get your feedback on the file.

Larry H. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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