On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 04:51:02PM +0000, Nuno Miguel dos Santos Baeta wrote:
> Hello!
> * Photoshop: Must be used for 'serious' work.
Yeah...it's just like to say that you have to use Windows for serious work...

> * GIMP: May be used for 'serious' work if that means showing a photo
> on a web page.  Otherwise forget it because:
>   ** Is has no color management (I don't know what this is);
totally wrong

>   ** Just 8 bit/channel;
yes, just like photoshop some years ago...wait a moment...this means that 
serious photo work started just some 5-10 years ago????

PS: jpeg photos are 8 bit only so...if you do "serious" work with jpeg photos
GIMP is just good enough. If you use an (not so) expensive digital camera 
with "raw" format you still can use it full capability using some 16 bit 
converters tools like ufraw, rawstudio, rawtherapee and you can even do 
some hdr photo with tools like qtpfsgui...

>   ** No CMYK.
not completly true, see separate+ plug-in and read this:


> Even though answers on this list may be biased, I have to ear them.
> So, are this statements true?
Now you may judge by yourself...


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