On Wed, 2010-01-13 at 17:46 -0500, Frank Gore wrote:
> In the preferences, I clearly have "File Open Behaviour" set to "Ask
> what to do". My working profile is sRGB, and so is my Monitor profile.

I'm no expert about this so my wild-ass guess is that it doesn't ask
because there is nothing to do.  Consider that the working profile is
what a file *HAS* to be converted to or else you can't open it.  If the
file has an Adobe RGB profile but there is no such working profile the
file couldn't be edited unless it was automatically converted, right?

So the conversion would be to your Monitor profile.  If you had a
monitor profile different than the working profile then the Adobe RGB
would have to converted to the monitor profile first and then to the
working profile to be edited.  Since the monitor profile and working
profile are the same then there is nothing to ask - you simply get an
automatic conversion to sRGB.

But again, that's just a wild guess.  I've never dug into that part of
the code to know what's really going on.  Hopefully Sven or one of the
developers will correct me here.
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