>On 1/13/10, Programmer In Training wrote:
>>> On 1/12/10, Norman Silverstone wrote:
>>>> The great thing about GIMP is that it is free so you can try it, at no
>>>> cost to yourself, and see if it will do what you want it to do.
>>> But so is Photoshop. 30 days trial :)
>> Photoshop is free to try, for 30 days. GIMP is free to try for the rest
>> of your life.
>Which part of "see if it will do what you want it to do" did you not read?

I think the point being made is to see if Gimp (free, always and forever)
will do what you want it to do before spending time evaluating a trial of PS
which cost plenty to start with and more and more as upgrades and new versions
are introduced.  What sense does it make to start down the proprietary path
before determining whether or not one would be satisfied with the free
application . . . same goes for the other proprietary aps mentioned.


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