> I'm sure many professional photographers swear by these.  Its up to you
> to decide if the quality of the results warrant the price.  The only way
> to know - for you - is to compare both the commercial apps and the open
> source alternatives for what you're trying to accomplish.

I would like to add one thing here: you _will_ find that the
commercial apps are better, almost without a doubt. Therefore, please
file bugs and feature requests at Digikam and F-spot to request the
features missing from those apps. I was a heavy F-spot user some years
ago, but I switched to Digikam for some feature that F-spot has since
acquired. Both apps have serious development teams and they love bug
reports and feature requests.

So please, make sure that you request the features missing that only
the commercial apps currently have, so that they can be ported to
Digikam and F-spot. Just be sure to describe the feature in a way that
assumes the dev reading the feature request is _not_ familiar with the
commercial app, and has no access to it. That way the feature that
gets added to the open source app is not a rip-off of the commercial
counterpart, rather an independently-developed feature.

For Digikam bugs and feature requests:

For F-spot bugs and feature requests:

Dotan Cohen

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