On Sun, 2010-01-17 at 13:07 -0800, Ken Warner wrote:
> I gave feedback and was told to "...put up or shut up...".
> Which indicates a really dumb developer base that doesn't want
> to hear what people really want, they only want to provide what
> they decide people need.

Actually, you posted that to a user list, not the developer list.  So
there is nothing that says that response is associated with either the
developers intent or behavior.  They are, in fact, usually very open to
feature requests though there are some they've heard many times already
(like 16bit support, which is in development).  For example, they've
responded to requests for a single window mode from the Windows user
community by adding it to development for 2.8.  We Linux users don't
need this so the developers are making this configurable.  They do
listen to users needs.

That said, requests for feature enhancement belong in the bugzilla
database which you can find linked from the
http://developer.gimp.org/bugs.html.  "Bugs" is a generic developer term
and is meant to encompass problems in the system as well as feature
requests.  To prevent duplication you should do a few searches to make
sure your request hasn't already been made before posting.

When making feature requests it is important to be very clear what you
need the feature to do.  Your "batch processing" request, for example,
isn't very clear.  GIMP can already run in batch mode so you'd need to
clarify what your interpretation of batch processing should be.
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