Quote from Michael J. Hammel
> Your "batch processing" request, for example,
>isn't very clear.  GIMP can already run in batch >mode so you'd need to
>clarify what your interpretation of batch processing should be.

I bet i may clarify what he asked

It is called macro recorder and is the equivalent of what in PS is called
"Actions" more exactly with the ability to record and replay actions(sequences
of menu calls)

Batch script are not at all a equivalent because scripts has to be coded,the
difference is as that between  record a song or have to wrote down all the
notes for all instruments with ink and paper

Let say before  duplicate a layer,desaturate the layer, invert, apply
gaussian blur and set the dup mode in overlay, you start to record

And Wow..you get a Contrast Mask action in less then a minute

Anybody that tried to create a Contrast mask script
know well that much more time and effort is needed to get same  result.

But most action are much more complex and convert them in a script will
require much more time and effort, even knowing scheme or python 

And here i must fully agree
 for me a macro recorder is what most professional really need, the only
reason why is not much requested here, is that very seldom Professional user
of Photoshop go here on in Bugzilla to make enhancement request for Gimp 

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