>> > There are a few things that GIMP needs to be competitive with PS.
>> Just a few? :)
>Why is it necessary for GIMP to be competitive with PS? GIMP is an
>alternative to PS developed for free use by anyone who wishes to use it.
>As I understand it, it isn't users that GIMP wants, it is developers
>prepared to give freely of their time and expertise.
 If you need the
>advantages that PS has over GIMP then, by all means, buy and use PS but,
>if you want something that does what you want and is free, then use
>GIMP. If you can help to improve GIMP then good for you, if you can't
>then, as it is said, put up or shut up.

Are you serious? I help out other GIMP users with their problems on GIMP
forums or this mailing list. I make tutorials for GIMP on youtube and answer
question there too. Made over 50 videos so far and do my best to make them as
clear and helpful as possible. I get many comments from people saying thank
you for helping out. Or comments from  people looking to "photoshop" something
and discovering GIMP.  
I'm also very thankful to all other people who have helped me learn GIMP,
either by answering my questions or making tutorials for me to follow. What
would GIMP be if there wasn't a community to make tutorials and help eachother
and newbies to GIMP.  

If the GIMP user base grows there is more chance that new people will help
with development. The bigger the user base the better, and people who
contribute in the way they can help, be it, answering questions, making
tutorials, translating GIMP or the help documentation etc etc all help GIMP if
you ask me. 

I usually leave the developers alone. But if I feel strongly about something
I think I should have a right to say something and not be told to shut up just
because I'm not a GIMP developer. 

Just for the record, on the few occasion I did say something, the developers
always listened to what I had to say. :)

jolie (via www.gimpusers.com)
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