jolie wrote:
> I'm not sure if English is your first language or not but do you realise what
> you are saying? "Convert people into useful human beings?" 
Nope, Texan is my first language, C/C++ my second and Spanish my third.  
I tend to get overly ironic in all three.
> I get what you mean though, you want beginners to get a warm welcome and when
> they are here a bit longer they will realise what the customs are.
Yes, please.  Interesting that some seem to have taken the post as an 
attack/flame on top posters, instead of a plea to not attack and to 
instead realize that they just don't know about effective email 
communication styles.  Glad you got it.
> I'm all for it. New GIMP users can become developers later on or contribute
> to GIMP in some other way. So I say, be nice, welcoming and understanding to
> them. Besides, it's good to be nice to others. 
Thank you:)


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