Dear GIMP users and developers,

I'm encountering two weird problems with GIMP recently. What is weird is
that it's not the same on two different but similar computers, running
the same versions of GIMP (2.6 or git 2.7) on the same version of Debian
GNU/Linux (testing).

1. Any dialog like the ones obtained with most filters should contain
small icons in the bottom buttons (Help, Reset, Cancel, and OK). This is
the case on computer A, but not on computer B. This is consistent across
all the dialogs.

2. The gtkam-gimp package is installed on both computers. There are two
entries dealing with the camera in the Image: File -> Create menu on
computer A, but none on computer B.

I did not yet discover any other difference, but maybe somebody could
suggest me to explore some other parts. Of course I can make any
additional suggested test for debugging this problem, which most
probably comes from my installation on computer B, and not from GIMP

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.


                        Olivier Lecarme
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