On 1/19/2010 2:02 PM, Elwin Estle wrote:
>> But that' s not how at least *I* read messages on the many mailing
>> lists I follow. When new postings to an existing thread arrive in my
>> mailbox, I have read the postings prior to that post already earlier,
>> so I don' t have to read them again. For me, scrolling down all the
>> previous postings is a waste of time and energy. And frustrating, to be
>> honest...
> Ditto.

That's where judicious snipping of previous emails and replying directly
underneath the points your addressing is ideal.

Top-posting = bad and goes against the way you read (and sorry, while I
do read every email in a topic I'm following, I don't remember what was
said from one day to the next). Bottom-posting isn't much better, but it
follows the NORMAL flow of reading. Email is just like any other
text-based communication.

Last time I'm posting on the subject. Lets go help some folks.

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