* Jogchum Reitsma <j.reit...@hccnet.nl> [01-19-10 13:14]:
> When new postings to an existing thread arrive in my mailbox, I have read
> the postings prior to that post already earlier, so I don' t have to read
> them again. For me, scrolling down all the previous postings is a waste
> of time and energy. And frustrating, to be honest... Same goes for snail
> mail: all the letters that came in yesterday and before are on a stack
> already, and the new letters that come in today go on top of that. So not
> for every single human on the planet top-posting breaks the normal
> reading behaviour (unless, of course, I'm not considered a human being on
> this planet :-)) 

I agree completely, but.  The failure is not from posting below, but from
not trimming irrelevant information when posting.  If *only* that which
is required to put your post into context is quoted, the problem is gone.

> Again, I will adhere to nettiquette, but I felt I should give some
> counter-arguments.

Some small degree of intelligence *is* required when carrying on a
conversation along with some consideration.  Bottom posting is not set in
concrete, it is often better to intermix comments and quoting as above.
And, if my answers had appeared above rather than intermixed, the
substance of my comments would not be as clear.

It is much more considerate to compose your answers in a manner to impose
as little as possible on your intended audience than to make him wade
thru a lot of trash to try and determine your meaning and to possible
mis-understand it completely.

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