>>Top-posting = bad and goes against the way you read

Oh here we go...

Time to add my 2 cents worth. 

I always top post.  There is nothing wrong with it and there is nothing
wrong with bottom posting.  Its a preference.  I have no idea where the
top=bad and bottom=good came from. This was certainly not present in
Email discourse that I was party to 15 years ago, and neither when I
started using Email, which would have been in 1988.  The first time I
was berated for top posting was sometime in 1998, and I was somewhat

I am amazed that it is a problem, and I don't know why it is.  Top
posting, IMO, is logical.  It allows the recipient to immediately read
the reply instead of scrolling down to the bottom of the Email: The
recipient does not have to read the entire thread, because he is already
involved with the discussion and requires the current comment.  One
could argue that when achieved, it is easier to read from the top down
to the final note at the bottom, but as a quick form of communication,
especially on a mailing list and also in an environment where we want to
save a little time, its a pain in the arse.

I propose, that someone creates a new project that reads mailing list
archives, identifies those that contain top-posting discourse, and then
rearrange the offending archive into a bottom posting archive.  All we
need is someone with spare time, and a computer!

However, I don't care whether someone uses top or bottom posting. 

[Yes, I know that someone will read the above and say, 'well you wrote
that you don't have a preference, and later you state that bottom
posting is a pain in the arse.'  Well, there you go!]

Now, shall we take this discussion to private Email and discuss it there
instead of on a GIMP mailing list.  Please don't Cc me into it ;)

Best wishes,s

Programmer In Training wrote:
> On 1/19/2010 2:02 PM, Elwin Estle wrote:
>>> But that' s not how at least *I* read messages on the many mailing
>>> lists I follow. When new postings to an existing thread arrive in my
>>> mailbox, I have read the postings prior to that post already earlier,
>>> so I don' t have to read them again. For me, scrolling down all the
>>> previous postings is a waste of time and energy. And frustrating, to be
>>> honest...
>> Ditto.
> That's where judicious snipping of previous emails and replying directly
> underneath the points your addressing is ideal.
> Top-posting = bad and goes against the way you read (and sorry, while I
> do read every email in a topic I'm following, I don't remember what was
> said from one day to the next). Bottom-posting isn't much better, but it
> follows the NORMAL flow of reading. Email is just like any other
> text-based communication.
> Last time I'm posting on the subject. Lets go help some folks.
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