Gimp should take time to index the fonts only once
then process should be much quicker

Anyay I use a font manager to organize  font in separate folders, so i have a
very little group as installed font , that i always load, and in a different
place  lot of specific fonts groups "Celtique" Gothic" Art deco" and so on and
on ... 

The font manager allow me to "temporary" install any group of font i wish 
(I think is the only way to deal successfully with fonts, that already
included in win by defaults are already hundreds, i have about 4200 extra

using only the gimp font selector any hope to find the right font may be
hopeless or took ages..
with font organized in categories and a font manager allowing to confront the
font typing a custom text, become a matter of minutes )

>When I start up my GIMP in windows, it indexes the fonts every first time
that I start after a reboot.
>I am using windows 7, is there anyway to tell gimp not to index the fonts ?
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