On 1/22/2010 8:55 AM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> On 1/22/10, Wei-Tsun Sun wrote:
>>> A font manager is a separate application and not part of GIMP.
>>> If you are interested in a free open source solution, try Fontmatrix
>>> -- it has a build for Windows.
>> Got that, disabling fonts seems too hacky. I am thinking if there is another
>> way to solve that issue.
> The only other way is not to use many fonts at all. There is
> absolutely nothing hacky about disabling and reenabling fonts via font
> managers. This is how most designers work.
> Alexandre

Just my $2 (adjusted for inflation).

I have over 10,000 fonts. A couple of hundred (mostly ones I've gotten
from Ascender Fonts and those included with XP) are in C:\Windows\Fonts.
All my others are in a separate directory which The GIMP re-reads every
time I open it. Sure it takes longer to open GIMP by doing that, but I
like having all my fonts available all the time. It generally takes a
minute or two for The GIMP to open as it reads all those fonts, and it
can be a pain to find the one I really want, but the extra wait and work
just makes it all the sweeter when I complete a project. Unfortunately
The GIMP is the only program I'm aware of that allows you to specify an
extra, alternative font directory.


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