On 1/22/10, Jay Smith wrote:

> While long-time users and the developers of Gimp may not feel like Gimp
> should be treated as a "product", the reality is that any new user
> looking at Gimp is going to make choices and decisions that are "product
> choice" decisions.  Denial of that fact is complete denial of reality.

And who denies it? :)

> It is my opinion that many in the open source / free software (OS/FS)
> arena have long ago forgotten that truism.  In my experience the OS/FS
> world pretty much tells new users that if they are not patient enough or
> smart enough to figure out the secrets of whatever software, they don't
> deserve to use it.

How does it relate to GIMP?

> I feel that is completely backward.  The OS/FS community should focus on
> (as much as software development) the education of new users and
> bringing them into the community.


> As an example, while I have not looked for it, I am sure that there must
> at least be some book or maybe a website here or there that specifically
> addresses "How to smoothly migrate from using Photoshop to using Gimp --
> the benefits, challenges, and differences of using Gimp".  Such content
> should be right up front in the whole Gimp documentation, Gimp websites,
> etc., etc.

Not a book and not a website, but something I started a while ago in
Russian and haven't finished translating into English yet.


Basically it covers status of support for file formats (needs updating
a bit), table of tools and their keyboard shortcuts mapping, table of
functionality mapping

I'll see if I can finish it this week.

> could do a lot better at this.  And if somebody says "we don't care
> about getting more users", I would ask them "then, why make Gimp at all?"

And does anyone actually say that?

> As an aside, I really think that the documentation issue is going to
> become critical in the next couple of years.  As I understand it (and
> please correct me if I am wrong), anybody can contribute to the
> documentation effort, but it takes significant training and skills in
> the special process involved with maintaining documentation versioning,
> etc., etc., etc.  I don't begin to understand all of that and I DON'T
> WANT TO have to become an expert in all that stuff -- I just want to
> help improve the documentation.

I understand your feelings, but GIMP documentation is a single-source
effort that isn't well supported by current wiki engines.

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