I can't read the original message. I'm posting from gimpusers.com and it's not
available from there. But if I'm not mistaken the complaint was that GIMP was
hard to learn and part of the problem was tutorials being out of date.

There's plenty if you know where to find them. I posted this earlier but
might as well post again.


The last two are video tutorials. GIMPtricks is me. 

Gimp wisdom plug is a site that gathers links to gimp tutorials from all over
the internet. You can stumble on good and recent or bad or old tutorials, but
there are a lot there on that site. There is lots more on youtube.
Unfortunately there are a lot of videos where people are babbling and mumbling
and being plain unclear or worse, telling you the wrong way of doing
something. But there are lots of excellent videos as well. 

Gtuts doesn't have many tutorials, but they are all excellent.

If you're willing to spend money I can recommend the VTC training videos for
the basics (on gimp 2.6). But I found it covered GIMP from a photoshop point
of view.
More thorough is Akkana Peck's book. Also for beginners but you learn much
more for half the price. It's on gimp 2.4 but I found it easy to follow since
2.4 and 2.6 aren't that much different.  

jolie (via www.gimpusers.com)
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