Thanks....that helped.

Here's what I did (using GIMP ver. 2.6.8)

1.  Clicked  "Scissors Select Tool"

2.  Traced the outside of the object I wanted.

3.  Clicked "Edit -> Copy

4.  Clicked "Edit -> Paste as -> New Image

On 01/23/2010 12:11 PM, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> BGP wrote:
>> I have an image that I want to cut a part out of to use as a separate 
>> image.  The shape of the area I want to cut out and use is 
>> irregular.  How can I cleanly cut out that part and copy it as a 
>> seperate image?
> Select the part you want to copy, then Edit -> Copy, then Edit -> 
> Paste as -> New Image
> To select irregular shapes, try the Free Select Tool and the quick mask.
>  / Martin

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