I'm trying to edit some large tiffs (620 Mb) and while slow it was going 
OK.  Then suddenly (nothing changed AFAIK) I start getting errors

GLib-ERROR* gmem.c:130 failed to allocate 16384 bytes aborting.

This was initially on GIMP 2.4.7 but I bit the bullet and installed 
2.6.8 to see if that changed anything (it didn't).  I take it that the
faulting module is libglib.dll which seems to have a version of 2.16.37
(I believe I had an older GTK+ but the GIMP 2.6 windows installer
updated it.)

This is on the Windows binary distribution.  I am running on Win XP sp3 
32 bit (x86) with 3 gb switch and USERVA switch set to 2540..  Looking 
at my system when the crash occurs I see my physical memory (2gb) is 
maxed out and also GIMP VM is 2 gb.  I guess one question is does the
windows build of GIMP compile with LargeAddressSpcaeAware set, though I 
suspect even if that was set in the binary it would still max out.  That
doesn't explain why it seemed to be working and just now I have

I tried playing with the tile cache size option, but that just seems
to change how fast the error occurs.  It seems that the tiff file open
plugin is completing and GIMP is either starting to render or at
times render is complete and I try to use a selection tool and then
the crash occurs.

scott s.
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