* Frank Gore <g...@projectpontiac.com> [01-26-10 00:38]:
> All that awesome EXIF info in my RAW pictures that I'd like to keep.
> Does UFraw not pass it along, or does Gimp not collect it? It's REALLY
> How do others deal with this? I'd love to hear solutions!

Then you will be very unhappy to hear that I need no solution as I see
virtually all of the exif information in jpegs generated by ufraw/gimp
from nef raw files produced by my Nikon D3.  The only differencies I
notice relate to data specific to the file format and/or location such as
different size, embedded jpg, etc.

Comparisons made on data extracted with exiftool, 


You fail to mention the versions of the binaries you are using to make
your statement or who generated those binaries and whether the exif data
function was even compiled into your binaries.

I went so far as to compare another jpg generated from the same raw file
by bibble5pro and it is ~1800 bites smaller than the one from the gimp
generated jpg.

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