2010/1/27 Nathan Lane <nathamberl...@gmail.com>:
> I have not hear that. Why would "professional developers" ridicule the body
> of computer scientists who work hard to make it possible for them to develop
> more easily. W3C is the only reason that HTML works on every browser on
> every operating system. It's the reason we have CSS. Without the W3C
> JavaScript would still be useless. They also develop the standards for the
> Internet in general. It's too bad that some developers ridicule they very
> root reason they have a job or a hobby. W3Schools is a W3C website.

I'm not saying *W3C* is a bad thing and I'd doubt any serious web
developer would say that either. All I'm saying is that the impression
I've gotten from working with other web developers (in real life and
on the Internet) is that W3 Schools is silly. I don't know why.

W3 Schools is not associated with W3C as far as I know. Why would W3C
have lots of ads and banners on any of their websites?

Deniz Dogan
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