2010/1/27 Claus Cyrny <claus.cy...@web.de>:
> Deniz Dogan wrote:
> 2010/1/27 Nathan Lane <nathamberl...@gmail.com>:
> http://www.W3Schools.com has the most up-to-date tutorials on HTML and CSS,
> which are the two technologies you need to learn to achieve the creation of
> a decent website, even if it is simple.
> Nathan
> My "At least I fail to understand that" was actually supposed to be
> a comment on the following:
> Lots of professional web developers ridicule W3 Schools often, but
> it's a good place to find quick (and dirty) information.

Not that I agree fully with the critics of W3 Schools, but I think it
may be because much of the documentation on there is targeted towards
older browsers. (Please, don't quote me on that.)

Deniz Dogan
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