>Bryan wrote:
>> If I open up the
>> drop down selector above the sample image, the only choices I have are My
>> image file name, or From Gradient, or From Reverse Gradient. 
>ahh, possibly your sample image is a GIF?
>Please check the Image->Mode menu and make shure it is set to RGB.
>That's an ugly pitfall, because many operations only work on RGB images
>and GIF images are loaded as "indexed color images" (=256 color only).
>Same goes for grayscale images.

Well you're pretty close in assuming it's the wrong file type. It's not a GIF
but rather it's a png. The guy that made the tutorial offered these images
with different tones that anyone could use. But they are png's and that isn't
working. I tried just another raw file and when I did the Sample Colorize
routine, in the sample section, my other raw file showed up like it should. So
now I need to hunt down some sample files I can use. I wonder why he would
have offered png files if they don't even work for the routine for which he
was trying to teach. Maybe there is something I missed in there.


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