Gimp User community hello,

I have been using Gimp for a year or two and i love it.
I will say right off I am not a pro by far :) 

Actually I have been doing alot of tutorials from this site. To which has
really taught me alot!. Thank you for all your work.

However, I have found a really keen interest in drawing or Digital painting.
Using Gimp as well as other Graphic software.

I have been researching the waccom tablet because may folk recommend it.

I do not know how to draw but i have a strong will and determination to

Because of budget constraints I cannot go to school to learn so its mostly up
to self-taught.  I would much rather learn on with software because paper and
other required stuff cost money as well to stay supplied. Using the soft and a
tablet seems to be a much cost effect way to learn becuaseit would be a one
time purchase.

My day job is Programming ins Access, .net, C#, Java, and others. I find draw
to be very relaxing. I would like to get to the level that alot of you are at

Anyway my question for all of you is. 
Do you have any suggestions for an absolute beginner for using Gimp to
paint/draw, using a waccom tablet, or any other resource that may help me
along my path.

Thank you in advance for your help on this.


Tommy (via /
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