Rich Evans wrote:
> That's it! Perfect. 

glad to hear it works as expected. Just want to add that the programmer's route,
aka doing it by the math, is quite viable, too. Some selected options:

- the MathMap plugin probably enables the most concise solution:

- with knowledge in C, it's not a big step to prototype using either
  Lua (the gluas plugin) or the built-in python-fu.

- a plain C plugin gives the best processing speed at the price of the
  slowest development cycle.

> In lieu of being able to buy everyone who helped a round of beer, is there a 
> way for me to show
> my gratitude to the GIMP community? Would a donation to GIMP help you guys?

New contributors are always welcome! There are plenty of opportunities
to help the project, by far it's not just about coding [1].
And posing useful problems here is already helpful, too.
Of course, donations are always welcome [2].



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