jon s.:

The information you included is insufficient for me to be of much help.

> I am running windows xp on a nice dell optiplex.  I believe the os is up to
> date.  Just upgrade to ..6.8.  Gimp works fine, except that I cannot print!  I
> open a line drawing, do file, print, and nothing happens.  There must be some
> setup or plugin I am missing.  The fix must be easy, but I am stumped.  I
> would appreciate some help.

In particular, one needs to know what printer you are using, and in what 
mode. Are your printer drivers up to date? Do you get any error 
messages? I don't know what browser you use, but most browsers will 
handle certain image formats natively; can you print one of those? what 
happens if you save your line drawing in one of the formats that your 
preferred browser handles natively; will it print that way?


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