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> Hi, my son and I are doing a science project in which we're measuring dye
> transport in plant leaves over time. Using a Canon Powershot A40 and
> Canon's RemoteCapture app to snap images every 60 seconds.
> Unfortunately, through RemoteCapture you can set film speed, but shutter
> speed remains in Auto mode. In order to digitally compare each image
> with the initial reference image (to determine the amount of dye
> absorbed), the exposures need to be the same each time.

Is flash mode available in remote capture? If so, perhaps one could be  
used to obtain a consistent exposure (no AE, and the "shutter speed"  
effectively is determined by the flash).

> Is there a way to compensate for exposure time in a relatively accurate way,
> say, see each image as if it were shot in 1/20 sec? I wish I could use
> the CHDK package, but the A40 doesn't seem to be supported.

Perhaps you could include a test pattern in the frame (ie, place a  
picture of a test pattern next to the plant) and be able to match  
exposure settings by adjusting the levels of the images such that the  
two test patterns match (if this works, it could likely be automated).

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