Hi Kinata,

On Tuesday 09 February 2010 09:49:16 kinata wrote:
> In a related issue posted elsewhere in this forum,
> I'm wanting to isolate the dye part of the image:
> -- convert the RGB triple for the dye color
>     (approximately a cyan) to HSB (HSV?)
>     colorspace,
> -- rotate it to (say) green, and then
> -- extract the green layer of the image.
> This last is probably off-topic...just being
> conversational.

I think that all this kind of stuff might be a lot easier with a program 
dedicated to image analysis. ImageJ/Fiji would be one example, it has lots of 
plugins for almost any analysis need.
While GIMP is a wonderful tool for editing images and being artistically 
creative, it was never meant for image analysis. This doesn't mean what you 
want can't be done, it's just not what GIMP was made for originally.

Just my thoughts,

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