Owen wrote:
I've already done a couple of things with Gimp that made me think I
getting it, but now I need to use some brush tools such as Smudge. So
I click
the Smudge icon, put the cursor on the image, press the mouse key and
and it doesn't do anything. In other image editors I've used, at that
the smudge function would work. I'm  having this problem with a couple
other Gimp tools. What am I missing? Thanks.

Guess you have read http://docs.gimp.org/2.6/en/gimp-tool-smudge.html

Do you have the layers dialog open and so confirm you are working on
the image, and not another layer

Also make sure you are in rgb mode, Image->Image->Mode->RGB
A common beginner mistake is to have a selection active that doesn't include the area you are trying to smudge, or to have a layer selected that doesn't have the area you're trying to smudge.  <CTRL><SHIFT>A will get rid of all selections and if you have the layers dialog open you can click on the right layer.

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