ChrisBrewster writes:
> I've already done a couple of things with Gimp that made me think I was
> getting it, but now I need to use some brush tools such as Smudge. So I click
> the Smudge icon, put the cursor on the image, press the mouse key and drag,
> and it doesn't do anything. In other image editors I've used, at that point
> the smudge function would work. I'm  having this problem with a couple of
> other Gimp tools. What am I missing? Thanks.

In addition to the suggestions others have already made, the
online GIMP manual has a nice section called "Getting Unstuck":
When you get stuck (and it happens to all of us sometimes),
it's helpful to go through that list. There are a few other
possibilities that aren't in that list (for example, drawing
tool modes) but it covers the most common causes.

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