Hi Akkana, gimp list people, (I don't have time to post to the "gimp
images yahoo group) (but that would be a great place to forward this
message, I think) (& all) - you probably won't remember me, but we've
met, probably at svlug or some other linux related event.

[sending two copies of this message, one to  sv...@lists.svlug.org, one
to gimp-user@lists.XCF.Berkeley.EDU, to avoid crossposting.]

[Hey - gimp-user@lists.XCF.Berkeley.EDU - berkeley, cool - oh yeah, now
I remember, the guy who started GIMP was a berkeley student? & then that
the source of GNOME????]

IIRC, you wrote a book about gimp. Last year, when I made a presentation
at the BIL conference, I met a lady who uses the Adobe sw for image
processing - shes a photographer & graphic artist, maybe using a mac. 
She was interested in learning about free sw, linux, & the gimp,  I
think I emailed you about her, or her about your book.

Anyway, _tomorrow_, Friday Feb 12, at 4pm, I'm making an intro talk to
BIL people, basically about why they _should_ _want_ to be using

My talk is titled "GaGa for GNU(Linux)", because GNU(Linux) is great, &
something to be gaga about, & cause Lady Gaga is topical. ;)

I have a picture up on the BIL website with me & a friend in it.

Here's were you come in: It would be a great demo of the capability of
not only the GNU(Linux) software GIMP, but of the community ability
also, if that photo could be gimped to add in a picture of Lady Gaga.

That is beyond my capabilities (artistically, & learning curve to learn
gimp). I know you wrote a book, so you are a writer. Maybe you are also
a gimp artist. Or, maybe you _know_ a gimp artist.

Could you, or someone you know, gimp my photo, add in Lady Gaga - it
doesn't even have to be "artistic", or "highly realistic" - practically
cut & paste would be fine & wonderfully acceptable, but if someone
wanted to make it look nice - so much the better.  :)

The __Primary__ factor is: it _has_ to be done & available to me before
4PM Friday Feb 12, tomorrow, before my talk. !!!! <8-O  ;)  :)

==  There are 2 sources for lady Gaga images I know of:
 1) google images, & 2) there's a video on youtube that the image
 portion is merely a large # of still pictures of lady gaga.

"Lady Gaga-Poker Face (Original Version)" (that's the file name I have,
3:59 min/sec, vlc video player plays it fine, "Flashgot" (iirc) Firefox
plugin used to download it)

Since this is merely for non commercial, fair use, to demo the
capabilities of both the GIMP sw (and also the GNU(Linux) free sw
community) 's capabilities, I suspect it is fair use to use a commercial
photo for this purpose.

Could you gimp that up?  If not, surely someone (artistically/technical
capable) in the gimp community could. Would you mind gimping that, so I
could show it at my talk as an example for people who are _not_
technical sw people, but are artists, or creative people, to show them
an example of the high capability of GNU(Linux) sw for people who aren't
technical, but are artists/creative type people?

If you couldn't do that, could you pass this request on to a gimp
mailing list, in case someone there could put this example together so I
could present it to the BIL attendees interested in learning what
GNU(Linux) can do for "real people"??

==  What comments, questions do you have for me?

Thanks very much for any thoughts, suggestions, advice you have!  :)

PS, I'll cc this to svlug, where you gave your talk last year, iirc, in
case there is someone there who knows about this & could do it.

PS to anyone else who'd like to do this, to help demo the capabilities
of both the GIMP sw, & community:  I invite/encourage you to do this if
you like, & email me the result, so I can demo it at the BIL conference. 

I might even see if it can get put onto the BIL website as a replacement
for the picture up there now.

BTW, that's me in the picture - the person with the beard ;)  .

==  Suggestion for GIMPing Lady Gaga into that image:
About 10-25?% of still images in the video on youtube "Lady Gaga-Poker
Face (Original Version)" (that's the file name I have, 3:59 min/sec, vlc
video player plays it fine, "Flashgot" (iirc) Firefox plugin used to
download it), might be appropriate for this, IMO.

A good pic would be one with not a lot of exposed flesh [ ;) ], nicely
dressed, like my friend in the pic on the BIL speakers site.  Not a
"provocative" picture (for this audience), just something "nice".  Maybe
even an older pic of Stefani Germanotta with dark hair, not blond, so it
matches the hair color of my friend.  Maybe something with her facing to
the viewer's left.  Preferable a "smile" picture (like my friend in the
picture so it is "matching/symmetric"), not a fashion
"aloof/disinterested" look.  (Although, I t hink some of the pic's with
the "triangle" eye makeup look interesting, like at the grammies).

It could even be the pic with Gaga & Paris Hilton (they are both facing
leftward in one of those 2 pics) - though that's really a bit much -
let's just keep it simple.

(Hey - you can flip left/right, can't you ;) )

Match the size of the head to those in the image by image enlarge or

Don't even need to extend the background from the original, but that
would be nice. Maybe a black or grey background, if necessary?

put Lady G to the viewer's right of me in that picture - symmetry.

Repeat:  The __Primary__ factor is: it _has_ to be done & available to
me before 4PM Friday Feb 12, tomorrow, before my talk. !!!! <8-O  ;)  :)

Time points of perhaps useful pics in the video:  -3:49, -3:42, -335,
-333, -331, -326, 316, 314, 310 etc  (time indicator in my vlc video
player, indicating time before end of video)- any of those, just by me
watching a short bit of the video, could be fine.  don't stress over
which image.  This isn't a high profile commercial job.

Oh, BTW, of course, this is a "fame, not fortune" effort.  No pay. ;) 
Volunteer (just like me doing the presentation, volunteer, for the
GNU(Linux) community ;) )  [ Hey, but if anyone does a nice gimp job,
I'll probably be inclined to invite them for a beverage of their choice,
as thanks.  :)  ;)  ]

I invite anyone to forward this on to any gimp users or mailing lists
where this opportunity announcement would be welcome.

==  Lady GaGa - If you read this.  "Hi! :)  Great work.  Love to have
you come do a duet with me at BIL. Maybe like with Reg?  [But, I only
know one chord.  :(  ;)  ]  ... Hey - I went to a Catholic high school
too.  I guess the nuns got you, huh? ;)  "

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