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> I'm working on an image that has many layers, including one for   
> outlines, fill
> colors, shading, etc. I want to cut and paste a particular portion of the
> image to another part of the image because I don't like the current   
> placement.
> However, the only way I can figure out to do this is by cutting and pasting
> the same selection on each layer and lining up all the parts.
> Is there any way to cut "through" the image, so to speak, so that all visible
> layers below the selection are cut at once, and then when I paste the
> selection somewhere else in the image, each part is pasted into its   
> respective
> layer (i.e., the outline is pasted onto the outline layer, shading onto the
> shading layer, etc.)?
> Or is there any type of script available that might help me achieve this?

I wrote a script a few years back which added a "Float Linked Layers"  
command that floated the selection on each linked layer, producing a  
new layer above each of the linked layers. This set of floated layers  
are all linked (the original layers are unlinked) so that you can move  
them all at the same time.

Once the linked layers have been repositioned, a second script called  
"Merge Down Linked Layers" will merge each of the floated layers back  
onto its original layer.

I believe the script will still work with newer version of GIMP (it  
was written for v2.4) but you might want to put elsewhere in the menus.


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