>> I am in the fortunate position of having a professionally made print, some
>> years old, from a transparency (Kodachrome) some 40 years old, one of
>> many!  My first attempt with my new slide scanner was on this same slide,
>> hence I am able to see the colour changes over those past years.
>I have spent many hours experimenting with the restoration of old colour
>slides but have never had an old print from the slide as a comparison
>and I would be very interested to learn of any results you may get. Just
>a note of caution, how can you be sure that the colours of the print
>have not changed over the years?

A very fair question!  The answer is simply that the colours in the print are
far more "natural" than those in my newly digitised slide.  For example, in
the print the sky contains grey, rainy looking clouds below a pale, whitish
background of higher cloud.  The digitised slide makes the grey clouds more
blue, and the background cloud layer has splashes of yellow!  A comparable
change is in the mountain peak below the clouds - formerly a steely grey
colour, it is now quite bluish.  The view in this picture is one with which I
was very familiar, and I am certainly more comfortable with a grey mountain
than a bluish one!

Are you using the restore.py plug-in?  If so, can you enlighten me as to the
mechanics of adding this to my version of GIMP?


Alan (via www.gimpusers.com)
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