I'd do the same procedure, but change one of the steps.

1. Cut your person in half.  Keep the selection active.

2. Edit>Copy, then Edit>paste as new (to keep your original preserved.

3. Close the original so as not to do anything "unexpected" with it.

4. In the newly created canvase, duplicate the copied layer, but don't flip it 
just yet.

5. Now make your canvas 200% bigger in the width (you will need to "break" the 
little chain icon to the right of the size inputs to do this.  Also, choose 
percent, rather than pixels -- this is in the Image>Canvas Size menu).

6.  On your copied, flipped layer, Do layer>Layer to image size.

7. Do Layer,>Transform>Flip horizontal.

8. Right click on the layer in the layers dialog and pick  Merge down.

With this method, you don't have to try to move the flipped layer to match it 
up with the unflipped one.  You can also use this method, with one extra flip 
before enlarging the canvas, to make nifty CSS rollover buttons.

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Am Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2010 18:58:57 schrieb Sandi P.:
> I have a photograph with a person cut exactly in half vertically.  How can
>  I recreate that person whole?  I want to flip the original horizontally,
>  make a copy, and then stitch that flipped copy onto the original. Can
>  anyone give me the process steps for accomplishing this?  Thanks!!!

- Load the image into Gimp.
- Double the horizontal canvas size (in the Image menu)
- Right click the image layer in the layer dock, select "duplicate layer".
- With the move tool, position the new layer right of the original.
- Now right click on the layer, choose "layer / transformation / flip <->".
- Finally, use "image / flatten image" to rejoin the layers.



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