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> I'm one of those people who's a hard core open source user and sniffs
> disdainfully at any proprietary solution to achieve my means :) But I
> try not to impose these irrational beliefs on anyone else, especially
> on mailing lists and forums. I'd much rather saddle myself with a
> crappy, generic photo printer of dubious quality than try out software
> that might function perfectly well :)

I do under stand your point of view regarding software and Linux.
> But in all seriousness, there are other reasons to get a photo
> printer. My Color LaserJet might be great for documents and graphics,
> but it sucks horribly at printing photos. It can't do border-less
> printing, its colour rendering is inferior, and it costs a fortune in
> toner. A great HP photo printer is only $140 or so and would give me
> better print quality than commercial photo printing companies.
I have had a perfectly good colour printer for some years but have
concluded that, for good results and peace of mind at a reasonable cost,
I send my photos to be commercially printed. I agree that there are
reasonably priced printers readily available but the real cost of
printing is in the ink and paper. For example, unless you leave your
printer permanently switched, on every time you start the printer the
procedure at start up uses ink. There are many other things that can
happen such as clogged jets which are difficult to clean and also
consume ink and, unless you buy really good quality inks which are
expensive, you will probably never be really satisfied with the results.


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