>The problem I am having now is that when I go to video/move path and then >try
>and edit the source image layer it is empty. How do I get the image in it.

Gap is more geared towards "Frames" then "Layers" animation

Meaning that your input image may be a layer but a layer of  a frame ("Frames"  
are  images, but name with a progressive number..as 00001-image.xcf  a frame 
may have only 1 or more layer )

Its a quite important point if you don't want work with frames but only with
single image with many layers may be better found some alternative to GAP

As example this script

and the other of same author you will found in the first page of that board

About the advantage of Frames anymationVS layer animation is simple:
a complex animation may require a lot of layer to be smooth
And a image with some hundreds of layer may easily become too big, as file size 
, may become impossible save or open it without crashes

Working with frames if your computer has sufficient memory to process the 
first, then will be able to process also the others (since once created they 
are automatically saved and  loaded only when needed ..they don't need to be 
all loaded simultaneously 
But in case  of layers of same image is the contrary, you may not load only a 
couple of layer but only all the image

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