A long time ago I found a tutorial for Gimp on how to remove red eye by
adding a layer with only the green and blue behind a picture and then
selectively deleting the top layer with all RGB colours.
I love this method, as it gives me great control and is very easy to do, but
unfortunately it requires a lot of time-consuming steps.

Since I don't have much knowledge about Gimp and too little time to learn
batch/script in Gimp, but some experience with AutoIt script, I wrote a script
which does all the preparing steps for me, so all I have to do is manually
'decolour' the red areas and save the file. The script simply sends the
required keypresses to Gimp.

To be even faster I'd love to have a batch file for gimp, which does all
these preparing steps for me for any number of .jpg files and saves them as
.xcf files. Then all I have to do is 'decolour' the red areas and save the
file as .jpg.
It would save me a -lot- of waiting for the AutoIt script while editing
pictures and would be more stable, because my script requires some timed
inputs, which sometimes fail...

Is there someone willing to do me a huge favour and make this batch for me? I
can provide a list with all the exact selections in Gimp and also provide the
AutoIt script (for Windows) and source. That should reduce the amoount of work
quite a lot and you can see and try for yourself what the script does and what
I mean.

Many thanks in advance for any help and advice!

Wouter (via www.gimpusers.com)
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