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> A long time ago I found a tutorial for Gimp on how to remove red eye by
> adding a layer with only the green and blue behind a picture and then
> selectively deleting the top layer with all RGB colours.
> I love this method, as it gives me great control and is very easy to do, but
> unfortunately it requires a lot of time-consuming steps.

Note that the same thing can be accomplished by setting your FG color  
to red, setting the Mode of the paintbrush to "Subtract", and painting  
on the layer (rather than using the eraser).

> To be even faster I'd love to have a batch file for gimp, which does all
> these preparing steps for me for any number of .jpg files and saves them as
> .xcf files. Then all I have to do is 'decolour' the red areas and save the
> file as .jpg.
> Is there someone willing to do me a huge favour and make this batch for me? I
> can provide a list with all the exact selections in Gimp and also provide the
> AutoIt script (for Windows) and source. That should reduce the   
> amoount of work quite a lot and you can see and try for yourself  
> what the script does and what I mean.

Since it is pretty much a pain to describe GIMP batch processing on  
Windows (owing to Windows weak command line functionality), I just  
wrote a script which adds a "Redeye Removal Backdrop" command to your  
Layer Menu. This command preps your layer as described and, since you  
need to open every file individually anyway, shouldn't be too  
difficult. You can assign the script to keystroke to make things  
easier (or just use either the Subtract paintbrush technique, or the  
GIMP's Red-eye Removal Filter under "Filters->Enhance").


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