jim j. wrote:

> ...<snippage>...  It's powerful and potentially useful tool, but without
> effective, timely, interactive help, it's not going to be very useful except
> for expert programmers with lots of time on their hands.

Well, I know this is an inherently wrong statement, because I am not an 
expert programmer, I don't have a lot of time on my hands, and I use 
GIMP quite successfully for image manipulation, both manipulating 
photographs, and in other drawing tasks.

> Without [a good search engine help tool and live support] or
> a really active user community, it's not very useful.

Well, I'll concede that the help tool in Windows GIMP is not functioning 
as it is apparently intended to work, and I'll concede further that the 
on-line documentation is out of date, but the documentation is there, 
even if you have to search a bit for it.   Further, as far as a "really 
active user community", there is one, and it works pretty well. I saw 
your request for help, but due to insufficient information from you on 
exactly what the problem was, I had to take care of other issues first. 
GIMP is a sufficiently complex tool, that a request for help needs to 
contain some level of detail. If I were to ask for help for an issue you 
such as you raised, at minimum I'd provide the platform (Windows, MAC, 
or Linux] and version or distribution, the version of GIMP you are 
using, a link to an image which is giving me problems, and step by step 
what I'm doing, and what I expect to see happen, but is not. My vision 
is not what it used to be, and it's a bit hard to see your monitor from 
my workstation.


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