* Gene Heskett <gene.hesk...@gmail.com> [03-05-10 12:00]:
> I just found a tarball of 5.2.4, built and installed it, but then checked the 
> rpm version for F10, they are the same.  So not much help there.  I take it 
> there is an even newer version?  Link?

cannot help you there.  I am running gutenprint-5.0.2-4.1.x86_64 on
openSUSE 11.2 x86_64.  There is gutenprint-5.2.4-45.19.x86_64.rpm
available in factory.  You could dl the source rpm and build your own, 


I don't know about support for your particular printer.  


do not offer any recognition of "epson nx515".

suggestion:  Check drivers before purchase  :^)
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