I had a Printing company in Iowa scan some plans at 600DPI,
1BB, and the size in pixels was 16592 x 10800 (21.4M). 
Several of the files were burnt to CDR and named Temp000398 thru Temp000408.
I tried GIMP and I couldn't view or open the files. Image Viewer, or any other
Linux Application I have tried didn't work either. I needed to find out what
information was contained in each file.  I finally tried M$ Paint 5.1, and it
worked great to view the files.  Now, I needed a way to rescale the TIF's,
after renaming them so I could find the plan I needed.

I tried Irfanview, and it worked wonderful.  I could use
the Batch function to operate on several images without loading up each one
in memory to view.  Irfanwiew will also Export to PDF's.

You might want to give it a try, as it runs in Windows and Linux under WINE.

I've also got M$ Paint Ver 5.1 running on Wine in Ubuntu.


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