for...@gimpusers.com (2010-03-07 at 2045.09 +0100):
> I had some plans scanned at Zephyr Printing.  They scanned
> the Large drawings at 600DPI, 1 Bit Black, and saved the files.  The pixel
> sizes of the drawings are 21600 x 33184.
> Has anyone had trouble using with such a large sized file?

IIRC GIMP uses 5 bytes minimum per canvas pixel: 1 selection + 4 RGBA
projection. So 21600 * 33184 * 5 = 3583872000, over 3GB just to show
the image.

This is without counting the real pixel data, I do not rememember
which happens with paletized or grey images, they could use 1 byte per
pixel of the single layer or require expansion to 3-4, so the real
number could be >5GB (if someone uses this formula for other images,
in multilayer case, add the pixels each one use, obviously).

Which means you need a 64 bit computer and OS, a lot of memory and a
really fast memory bus... and based in comments of a person than
regularly works with 10000 pixel images, a lot of patience too (6
"patiences", as your case is 6 times bigger). Maybe GIMP is not the
tool you need.

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