On Mon, 2010-03-08 at 20:59 +0100, lkraemer wrote:

> An incomplete scanned file, which is a bit larger has
> been uploaded here:
> http://www.filefactory.com/file/b08c72g/n/Temp00395.Tif
> The file size is 3.72 Meg and Pixel size is 21600 x 36000
> at 1BPP.
> >Which operating system do you use?
> Ubuntu 9.10 32 Bit with all the latest updates & Gnome Desktop.
> >Which exact Gimp version do you use?
> GIMP Ver 2.6.7 included with Ubuntu Install ISO.
> >Are there any warnings or errors?
> No Warnings or errors, but the screen does go dim and GIMP
> just hangs, eventually wanting a FORCED Quit.
> I have installed Irfanview in WINE 1.0.1.  I have just tried opening this
> file in Irfanview 4.23, then saving it
> to Temp00395a.Tif, and then I can load this new saved Tif
> in Gimp Ver 2.6.7......but it takes forever.

You've read the answer in this thread that explains why this is
happening, didn't you?


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