If this issue has not been addressed yet and if I can't find anything in
Bugzilla on it, I want to make an Enhancement Suggestion, first on the
Gimp-Developer list, then Bugzilla.

However, I don't have the quick or convenient ability to check the
current status of this issue in the most recent Gimp version.  (I am a
"user only" and am not involved in installing such programs.)  I am
hoping that somebody who has the most recent version can check this for
me.  Thanks in advance.

Image > Canvas Size
in the "Set Image Canvas Size" dialog
in the Layers section at the bottom
there are five different possible settings, including None, All Layers,
etc. etc.

In Gimp 2.6.6 (Ubuntu Linux 8.04) this defaults to "None" and ALWAYS
remains none EVERY time I go to the dialog, even if I had it changed to
something else on this image or a previous image.

I believe that this setting should be remembered a) during the session
of editing an image; b) during all sessions editing all images; and c)
between sessions of shutting down and restarting Gimp.

?? Can somebody let me know if this has been changed (and is now
remembered) since 2.6.6 ?

?? Does anybody think this should not be remembered ?


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