Jay Smith wrote:
>>> Image > Canvas Size
>>> in the "Set Image Canvas Size" dialog
>>> in the Layers section at the bottom
>>> there are five different possible settings, including None, All Layers,
>>> etc. etc.
>>> In Gimp 2.6.6 (Ubuntu Linux 8.04) this defaults to "None" and ALWAYS
>>> remains none EVERY time I go to the dialog, even if I had it changed to
>>> something else on this image or a previous image.
>>> I believe that this setting should be remembered a) during the session
>>> of editing an image; b) during all sessions editing all images; and c)
>>> between sessions of shutting down and restarting Gimp.


> It seems to me that there are quite a few of "these situations" in Gimp.
> I know it is a big PITA, but eventually, I think "they" should all get
> remembered as the last-used state *where appropriate*.
> I fully realize that it is *not appropriate* to remember last used state
> in all situations.
> Is there an organized checklist of all this "stuff" that we could work
> through?

Another point of view:

Each of these dialog options points at a potential interaction problem. If the
dialog remembers an option, the user also has to remember that option.
In general, this amounts to additional cognitive burden to keep the mental model
in sync with the application state.

In consequence, each of these settings is worth beeing questioned and every 
solution to get rid of such an option is worth a posting on the brainstorm.

For example, the "Image->Canvas Size |resize layers|" option, with which you 
this thread, can be obliterated by automatic layer size management.


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