2010/3/10 yahvuu <yah...@gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> Jay Smith wrote:
>>>> I believe that this setting should be remembered a) during the session
>>>> of editing an image; b) during all sessions editing all images; and c)
>>>> between sessions of shutting down and restarting Gimp.
>> It seems to me that there are quite a few of "these situations" in Gimp.
> Another point of view:
> Each of these dialog options points at a potential interaction problem. If the
> dialog remembers an option, the user also has to remember that option.
> In general, this amounts to additional cognitive burden to keep the mental 
> model
> in sync with the application state.

Hi yahvuu

Hmm I don't understand, how would there be additional cognitive burden
on users if a dialog remembers a setting across invocations? Or do you
mean that the setting itself is additional cognitive burden? If so,
then I agree. The more options we can get rid of, the better.

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