it happen to me with gimp 2.8 on win XP, 
Not sure if may be replicated in other OS, before report as a bug i would like 
to be sure

1)start gimp, change the default gradient with something other
you may see in the toolbox the new gradient as the active gradient

2) click on the blend tool 
In its dialog you will see that ignore the change, if you use it it will draw 
with the default gradient

3) only way to change it is from the blend tool dialog change again the gradient

In a fewer words the change of gradient if done trough the toolbox widget seems 
ignored, even if apparently the change is accepted

Only from the Blend tool dialog seems possible change  the gradient

That become a problem not only when directly using the blend tool (where at 
least the problem is visible so  easier to correct) but also using filters as 
"Gradient Map"

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