Martin Nordholts wrote:
> 2010/3/10 yahvuu <>:
>> Each of these dialog options points at a potential interaction problem. If 
>> the
>> dialog remembers an option, the user also has to remember that option.
>> In general, this amounts to additional cognitive burden to keep the mental 
>> model
>> in sync with the application state.

> Hmm I don't understand, how would there be additional cognitive burden
> on users if a dialog remembers a setting across invocations?

You are right, that was an invalid generalisation. I was thinking of the 'New 
Layer' dialog
where the 'fill' option tends to get in the way.
(If i leave that option to a fixed value -- like a prefs item -- there's no 
problem, i can
just hit  enter to create the new layer. If i, however, do change this value, 
i'd better
remember this the next time i create a new layer.)

> The more options we can get rid of, the better.

yep, that's what i was after

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